Air Travel Insurance


Air Travel Insurance
Air Travel Insurance

If you are going to be traveling air travel insurance is a necessity. Whether you are traveling within your own country or traveling to an International destination air travel insurance will protect you from any one of the emergencies that can happen while you are on vacation

Your air travel insurance can cover a broad range of things like lost or delayed luggage, flight cancellation, or even trip delay which can cause a roller coaster of other cancellations like lost hotel rooms or car rentals, emergency medical needs can be covered and even death. It’s pretty simple to get air travel insurance all you need to do is answer a few questions from your agent and there is no age limits like some other insurances.

With some types of air travel insurance you are compensated if your luggage gets lost or shows up late, your flight is canceled or maybe just a delay that causes your hotel room reservation to be canceled.

You can buy insurance that covers you if you have a medical emergency before or during your flight as well as insurance that will cover you to and from the airport should an unexpected accident occur. It’s important to understand that air travel insurance does not cover accidents that happen while on vacation they only cover the flight it self so it is advisable that you also purchase travel insurance.

You may also buy air travel insurance that is basically like a short term accidental death life insurance policy, so if the plane were to crash and you were killed or maimed your family would have some compensation through the insurance policy. Generally you can get coverage with these policies up to $100,000. This type of insurance would terminate the second the policy holder left the airplane. This kind of insurance is only available for commercial flights and is not available for private planes. It must also be purchased prior to departure. You can purchase this type of policy starting at $12 a person or it is available as a family rate as well.

You may purchase your air travel insurance from a number of places; your travel agent when booking your flight or trip, some airlines will offer it directly to you, your bank should offer some forms of insurance and insurance brokers.

You can even purchase it at automated kiosks at select airports and there are web sites where you can purchase air travel insurance on line. Most credit card companies offer free travel insurance if you use your credit card to pay for the tickets. However, it normally only covers the cardholder only not all family members so be sure to ask them about it.

Remember to read the fine print and the policy thoroughly to ensure you fully understand it and that there are no surprises in the event that you do need to use it.

Having air travel insurance while on vacation will give you peace of mind in knowing that if something unexpected happens while you and your loved ones are away you will be covered.


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